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Frankadua Ghana

Hospital Frankadua Ghana


Your collaboration is needed for a clinic with few means in Ghana. In the main cities of Ghana, an “acceptable” healthcare system is available. However, in rural areas the facilities are still rather poor and depend on volunteers and donations.

The hospital in need of help is located in the Asuogyman district and it has a great variety of nearby small villages under its jurisdiction. The infrastructure of the hospital and the equipment used are insufficient to help all the patients that attend monthly. With only seven beds and very little staff, the current conditions are difficult. Even whilst receiving a great influx of volunteers, the hospital still requires more resources in order to better the health quality of the citizenship. Multiple are the problems that the hospital is going through, however, there is light at the end of the tunnelas most of them can be solved with more funding.

The hospital has been under construction for over a decade, and thanks to small individual and corporate donations, they have been able to start making extensions to the hospital. Nonetheless, since the spread of COVID-19, there hasn’t been any donations being made and all reforms have been stopped until further notice.

The association LBC, Life Begins with Children, is searching for the collaboration of local businesses or individuals with the purpose of completing the facilities of said hospital. Donations are sent through our organisation. Once the money has been donated, the doner will be able to see how his share benefits the hospital and its construction.



Materials Required  
Iron sheeting for the roof 730€ Pending
Wood and other materials for roofing 610€ Pending
Door and windows 375€ Pending
Previous donations 1800€ By Nurse Tonya
Hoptial bajo construcción tras las nuevas donaciones de enfermera Tonya
Hoptial bajo construcción tras las nuevas donaciones de enfermera Tonya
Hospital parado debido a falta de fondos
Hospital parado debido a falta de fondos
Habitación multi-usos
Habitación multi-usos
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