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What we do

Many people have lost faith when it comes to NGO'S, people just don't really know where their donations are going.

Organisations like Save the Children and The Red Cross, carry out large-scale operations which have high administrative and logistical expenses. Some people do not want to donate to big charities for such reasons, and would prefer to see their money go directly to the cause. However, even though this money is not directly reaching the end of the line, a great percentage of it does. Furthermore, organisations of such capacities are full of professionals in every field, have years of experience and are definitely doing a great deal of life changing work all over the world. Thus, people should not be discouraged from donating to these type of organisations.  

Life Begins with Children, aims to offer people a different experience. Being just a small organisation, we are able to deliver a more personalised service, providing pictures, receipts and information related to donations, where the supporter can clearly see their money reach its final destination.

What do we do?

Life Begins with Children is a charity whose work is focused on children in Kenya, Africa. In a near future, we will also be carrying out work in Spain. We carry out the following projects:

  •  Funding medial outreaches in rural areas of Kajiado, Saikeri Kenya.
  •  Purchasing food for local schools and children’s homes.
  •  Collaborative English Language Teaching experiences at local schools,
  •  Sponsoring children and placing them in boarding schools, where the children will have basic necessities covered and receive an education, food and bedding, giving them an opportunity in life.
  •  Educational projects at schools in Spain
  •  Launching projects like “Fruit for Kids” where two pieces of fruit are provided twice a week for children’s homes.
  •  Investigation in self-sustaining projects related to farming. 



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