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The Power of music

Music is a powerful instrument.

We have started a beautiful project in collaboration with the school CEIP Juan Navarro in La Hoya and the extra-curricular English lessons from The Nicholas Ross Academy.

Such a project consists of writing/composing a song per year to promote our charity while we promote awareness among our students about life conditions around the world.

Nowadays our children usually have everything: a mobile phone, any kind of food, access to different sports, brand clothes, cinema, Netflix, etc. Most of these things than can acquire with just a click of a button online.

We are creating a generation who does not appreciate what they have. Our young people do not value the process of getting basic necessities. Even so, despite new technology and modern devices, children and young people are often bored and they complain about everything! (Not every child but most of them).

We will write/compose a song and a video with our students every year with the aim of enhancing social awareness about different life conditions around the world and hopefully when they grow up, might be able to see the world from a different perspective and hopefully incline them towards giving something back.

This year our clip attempts to shed light on the reality of life for an ordinary Kenyan child.

Videos will always be available on Youtube so that children can play them anytime and have a life-long souvenir.

The music project is endless since it allows many options for charity concerts or others.

Songs will be available on the following digital platforms:

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