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Recycle for charity

Ever since LBC officially registered as a charity, the Spanish company RECLINE has supported us through their "Recycle for charity" project (Cartuchos Solidario). We have placed recycling points for printer cartridges  in Totana, Aledo and at the primary school in La Hoya where people can recycle their used printer cartridges.

Furthermore, not only have RECLINE helped us set up this project, but they also make anual donations to fund some of our yearly project in Kenya.

See news reports below for more information.


Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need

Many thanks to the company RECLINE from Totana, Alberto Rodríguez and Natalia Pérez. Thanks to their donations, we have been able to provide more than a tonne of food for families affected by the COVID-19 in Kenia. 
RECLINE Niños de Agape RECLINE Niños de Agape

Desde nuestra Asociación Life begins with children con el apoyo de RECLINE hemos podido facilitar una serie de recursos de higiene básicos y medicamentos para El Centro Infantil Agape Hope, situado en las partes rurales de Nairobi. 
RECLINE Giachanjiru missionary hospital RECLINE Giachanjiru missionary hospital

Gracias a la colaboración de la empresa RECLINE situada en Totana, hemos podido facilitar recursos pediátricos a un hospital misionero en Kenia. - Giachanjiru missionary hospital 
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