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Life Begins With Children

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Generosity in times of need

Many thanks to the company RECLINE from Totana, Alberto Rodríguez and Natalia Pérez. Thanks to their donations, we have been able to provide more than a tonne of food for families affected by the COVID-19 in Kenia.

Generosity in times of need

Life Begins with Children designates funds towards health programs specifically dealing with children, school sponsorships or sustainable projects; however, the current state of affairs has brought many trivialities related to food.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone and Masai people are not an exception. Their dependency on livestock has been challenged by surrounding villages’ mass-closure of markets. Unfortunately, many of these people are not accounted for by the government, and are not entitled to any governmental aid, which unfortunately has led to a temporary food shortage amongst Masai families. Taking this into account, LBC has decided to provide some emergency food supplies for Masai families in need.



Thanks to joint donations from RECLINE, Alberto Rodríguez Martínez and Natalia Pérez Andreo, Life Begins with Children in collaboration with Nurse Maggie in Masailand, Kenya undertook a partnership to feed families that were affected by the world pandemic Covid-19.


Over a tonne of food has been donated, mainly rice beans, salt and oil. Recently Life Begins with Children has been focusing on medical camps, however, this year’s camps have been postponed due to the current situation. Consequently, we decided to direct funding elsewhere

Food as provided to over 150 households, each comprising of non-less than 6 members per household, that’s almost 1000 people. It’s not much, but it’s a great help for elderly people, orphans and widows, people living with disability, patients with chronic illnesses, and families who cannot provide for their children.

Food was provided for people in the following villages:

Nasaru, Saikeri, Olmeroi, Embarbal, Olmaroroi, Isek, Ilkilorit, Olloropil, Osilalei, Ntinyika, Olkudate

Nurse Margaret Moitallel (Maggy)

This work has been possible thanks to many people coming together, and especially through the guidance of Nurse Margaret Moitallel. Nurse Maggy, who was born into and raised amongst a Masai tribe, was fortunate enough to receive an education. She has become a renowned nurse who has decided to give back to her community and is known for her generosity. Over the past few months she has been working with her community, overseeing that no one goes without food.

Thanks to LBC and all their corporates who came together to see this feeding program become successful. On behalf of my community i truly want to pass our sincere thanks to all who donated towards this.”  

Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need Generosity in times of need
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