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Fruit For Kids

Thanks to Nurse Tonya Roy’s initiative from Canada and our contact network in Kenya, we have been able to provide 2 pieces of fruit a week to 140 children of Agape Hope Orphanage located in Nairobi. The project started last week 15th February 2020. It does not seem much, but these children used to eat just lentils, rice, chickpeas and a few vegetables of their own harvest. They can now add the vitamins from the fruit to their diet. In the future, we are aiming to implement a self-sustainable project to enable them to grow their own fruit.


Agape Hope Children’s Centre is an orphanage founded in 2002 by Oliver and Maggie Chiraba. It takes care of orphan children and other children whose parents cannot be in charge of them. This centre provides them with a home, food, clothes, health care and other services to help them have as ordinary a life as possible. Some come from families with a difficult background and others are orphans due to neglect, child abuse, early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS infections as well as post-election violence.


This Project started when Oliver and Maggie started giving food to homeless children on a daily basis with the few funds they had and thanks to friends and anonymous donations. They realised these children wandered constantly simply because they did not have a ‘home’.


Contact us if you want to give a new opportunity to a homeless child in Kenya. Just for approximately 100€ per month, you can provide 2 pieces of fruit twice a week to around 140 children.

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